What is Neuromodulation

Neuromodulation is technology that interfaces with chemical or electrical aspect of the nervous system trough implanted devices for a desired effect.

Chemical neuromodulation is achieved through medications infused through implanted devices called “pumps”. The electrical approach , through implanted neurostimulation devices, is called Neurostimulation.

The Barolat Institute team is expert in all neuromodulation terapie. Dr. Barolat’s particolar expertise is in the area of neurostimulation. Most people are familiar with one form of implantable stimulation technology and that is the cardiac pacemaker.

A cardiac pacemaker has electrical wires in the heart that are connected to a programmable battery. The signals of electrical current control the heart rhythm. Similarly, with neurostimulation we modify functions of the nervous system that have been altered because of disease or injury.

Since the nervous system is a very complex electrical system, by strategically sending impulses to various part of it we can try to correct the abnormal electrical signals. The most common targets are the spinal cord , the peripheral nerves, the small nerves located under the skin. Other areas of the nervous system can also be stimulated, such as the brain or the nerve roots.
The applications of these modes of neuromodulation have included intractable pain of various types and origin which has not responded to other modalities, including:

– Treatment of Urinary Dysfunction
– Treatment of Intractable Neck Pain
– Treatment of Intractable Back Pain
– Treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
– Treatment of Pelvic Pain
– Treatment fof Headaches.
– Treatment of Spasticity

Deep brain stimulation is currently used to reduce difficult movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease as well as intractable seizures.

Research regarding future applications is being actively pursued for obesity problems, depression, visual difficulties and even to help patients moving limbs that were paralyzed.

The neuromodulation industry is evolving in its applications. Dr. Barolat has been a pioneer in Neuromodulation for pain treatment, and has extensive experience in most aspects of the field.