Pain conditions that can be treated with neurostimulation

Pain Treatment in Europe is being pioneered by Giancarlo Barolat, MD and his staff at The Barolat Institute, specializing in treating pain conditions that may respond well to neuromodulation and, in particolar, neurostimulation:

– Complex regional pain syndromes (RSD)
– Thoracic Pain – Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
– Phantom Limb Syndrome
– Intractable Headaches
– Trigeminal Neuralgia (severe face pain or facial pain)
– Intractable pelvic pain – Interstitial Cystitis
– Bladder Dysfunction – Neurogenic Bladder
– Persistent Hand Foot Pain after surgical procedures
– Postoperative Surgical Pain: Hernias, Knee replacement, Shoulder replacement, etc.
– Persistent intractable neck pain.
– Pain after spine injury

Neurostimulation is not meant to cure the underlying condition. Usually that is not possible anyway. The goal of neurostimulation is to reduce the pain to a more reasonable and tolerable level.